Geo Targeted Lists

Geo Targeted Lists

Every industry has its own uniqueness with regards to its need, target audience, expectations, goals and objectives. Accordingly, despite having the contact list of the decision makers from across the globe, you still cannot pitch the same content to all of them for a simple fact that the demand differs demographically.

ECW DATA don't just sell leads or lists of decision makers, it also segments them in such a way that you can target each individual based on the influences of the demography. Our Geo Targeted List includes

  • Geo targeted country wise lists
  • Geo targeted state wise lists
  • Geo targeted city wise list
  • Geo targeted Industry specific lists
  • Geo targeted B2B lists
  • Customized geo targeted list (here you can choose your location preferences as a particular province, county, etc.) and more...

Check out our Geo Targeted Country Wise Lists:

Check out our Geo Targeted Region Wise Lists: