Normalized your database to identify data profile sets to implement targeted campaigning?

Data Profiling Services

Is your database structured to single out data sets? Data profiling is one of the best ways to eliminate anomalies in your database. It takes care of the structure and quality of your database. You can identify distinguishable data sets for accurate campaigning through our data profiling services. Span Global Services uses a comprehensive validation and profiling process to make your database relevant and improve quality. The process includes:

Removal of duplicate records
Automatic and manual verification and validation
Our data specialists deciphering data formats

The effective removal of duplicate records ensures that your email marketing campaigns get higher delivery rates and lower spam rates. This is always good news. Duplicate records are the plague for data records and effective methods are adopted by us to eliminate them. Validation and verification of your database ensures you have the right contact at all times, or else it is a waste of your time and resources. Data formats come in various ways, and it takes a certain amount of skill and expertise to ensure that it is understood and only then will the other allied processes work well. Our data specialists know the in and out of such formats and work with them peacefully.